Tasting Events

Experience distinguished wines of the Dallas area in the Willamette Valley, as well as locally crafted beer, cider and cigars.

Thank you for your business 

A hearty thank you to the community of Dallas, OR and it’s fine local wine, beer, and cider crafters. The families and small business we have been delighted to get to know and promote. It has been a pleasure serving you for three years.  

After much thought, we have decided to close Radius as a tasting room completely. However, to all our friends in the community, we as a team are still here, running weddings and occasional community events from Beckenridge Vineyard. We are sad to close this chapter, but we look forward to inviting you into our next one, where sharing wine, stories and a beautiful atmosphere will continue. We are working on something new, beautiful and exciting, so stay tuned, and meanwhile please go visit our friends, the wonderful wineries of Dallas, OR.