Meet Our Local Crafters

Dallas, Oregon boasts many beautiful vineyards and farms in it’s radius, all with their own unique stories, all making great wine, beer, and cider and all of whom we are honored to partner with.

Our Wines

Artistic simplification of Benedetto Vineyards that is painted on Radius Tasting Room's feature wall.

Benedetto Vineyards

With a shared vision and hard work, four friends and their families planted two vineyards, starting Benedetto, and a legacy.  Those at Benedetto Vineyards are passionate about community, stewarding the land, and tending their vines, and providing you with enjoyable wine.

BeckenRidge Vineyard

Owned and operated by yours truly, the crew behind Radius Tasting Room. BeckenRidge boasts some of the oldest own rooted vines in Oregon, thoughtfully tended to produce high quality grapes of several varieties. We are LIVE certified, and enjoy doing as many things by hand as possible. Our rolling 22 acres of vineyard serve as a beautiful backdrop for weddings and events. As we do not currently have a winery at BeckenRidge, we are happy to contract with  Fossil and Fawn, and Maloof, who’s excellent, and highly sought after wines we offer at Radius when available.

Artistic simplification of BeckenRidge Vineyards that is painted on Radius Tasting Room's feature wall.
Artistic simplification of Chateau Bianca's Vineyards that is painted on Radius Tasting Room's feature wall.

Chateau Bianca Winery

Chateua Bianca is a LIVE certified, family-owned estate, established in 1990. The winemaker, Andreas Wetzel, carries on the traditions practiced by his great grandfather and is producing wines in Oregon for more than thirty five years. The traditional techniques are combined with modern and innovative processes to produce unique wines. Their hard work and commitment have led their wines to win many prestigious awards and recognitions, including being listed as an Oregon wine destination by, a major food and wine magazine in Sweden.

Croft Vineyards

The Crofts are a truly special, multi-generational, family owned and operated vineyard. Their adventure started all the way in Alaska, and in 1983 they found their way here, where they pour their adventurous dedication and pioneering spirit into every facet of winemaking, and into the people who help them produce their excellent wines.  Croft is organic and salmon safe certified, with two locations in the Willamette Valley.  We are excited to share the Croft’s love of their craft with you! 

The Croft Vineyards logo in white.
Artistic simplification of Illahe Vineyards that is painted on Radius Tasting Room's feature wall.

Illahe Vineyards

ILLAHE, pronounced Ill-Uh-Hee, is a local Chinook word meaning “earth” or “place” or “soil”.  Illahe Vineyards is LIVE certified, Salmon safe, and is one of nine vineyards situated in the Mount Pisgah area.  As another family owned and operated vineyard, their goal is to make wine as naturally as possible from soil to bottle. They work by hand on small lots with age-old techniques and materials. Their focus is to grow and make quality Pinot Noir and white wines that express the vintage and their varietal characteristics, without enzymes or additives. Some are made entirely by hand, with no electricity or modern mechanization, making for unique and truly amazing wines.

Left Coast Estate

Left Coast is a stunning, fully established estate of 500 acres, 160 of which are beautiful, well tended vines. They are passionate and pro-active about stewarding their land well, from trees, to bees, chickens to gardens. They are LIVE certified, Salmon safe and solar powered. With such holistic, careful attention to every facet of their estate it is no stretch to imagine their wines are outstanding.

Artistic simplification of Left Coast Vineyards that is painted on Radius Tasting Room's feature wall.
Artistic simplification of Namaste Vineyards that is painted on Radius Tasting Room's feature wall.

Namaste Vineyards

At Namaste Vineyards, their mantra “The spirit of wine, honors the spirit of the vine” governs their whole operation of five estate vineyards and two tasting rooms. They care deeply for their land, their vines, and the process of winemaking, masterfully creating some of the most balanced, yet complex wines in the Dallas area and beyond, in which they let the quality of their fruit speak for itself. 

Parra Winery

 Sam Parra is a new, boutique wine crafter in the Willamette Valley area, but certainly not new to the wine industry or his craft. Sourcing from several excellent vineyards in the area, he creates outstanding single vineyard wines such as a rare, Oregon grown Tempranillo which we are delighted to feature in our tasting room! 

Artistic simplification of Van Duzer Vineyards that is painted on Radius Tasting Room's feature wall.

Van Duzer Vineyards

Van Duzer Vineyards was among the first founded in the newly established Van Duzer AVA.  Characterized by coastal winds that funnel from the Pacific ocean,  this wind stimulus contributes to finished wine quality by generating thicker skins, deeper color and a more generous tannin structure. Carl Thoma invested in Oregon Viticulture over 20 years ago, and the Van Duzer brand is soon to celebrate 30 years of excellent wine. 

Our Beer

Parallel 45 brewing logo with background.

Parallel 45

Local brewery focusing on quality craft beers, each creatively named to put a smile on your face. Even those of us at Radius that typically don’t prefer beer are swayed by the excellent quality and flavor of Parallel 45 beer. They also won gold in the Best of the Willamette Valley for 2020!

Our Cider

Artistic simplification of Sale Creak Cider Vineyards that is painted on Radius Tasting Room's feature wall.

Salt Creek Cider Company

Another local family owned farm operated by husband and wife, Carter and Lindy Rickert, and their two children. They are passionate about reviving the American tradition of making hard Cider right on the farm, reconnecting to our heritage, our traditions, our community and our food. Their semi-dry, unique blends with berries and apples are a big hit at Radius!